June 23, 2015


fig1 copyBig Picture

I am interested in the application of remote sensing and spectroscopy to problems in Earth and planetary sciences, which includes:

  • studying reflectance and scattering properties of geologic materials in the laboratory
  • mapping composition at micron (e.g. hand sample) to kilometer (e.g. planetary surface) scales
  • linking laboratory, field, and orbital remote sensing datasets.

fig3 copyPhD Thesis Research

My PhD thesis research deals with reflectance spectroscopy of organic-bearing rocks. The goal is to use reflectance spectroscopy alone to quantify organic abundance and composition in sedimentary rocks and meteorites. This work has applications for mapping C-type asteroids (e.g. with in progress missions Hayabusa2 and OSIRIS-REx), laboratory study of meteorites, drill core analysis, and field scale organic mapping.


fig2 copyMasters Thesis Research

My masters research focused on using Mars-relevant geologic samples from Rio Tinto, Spain and comparing the reflectance spectra measured in the lab, field, and aerially of these samples with CRISM data (orbital hyperspectral images) of Valles Marineris, Mars. My findings showed that specific mineral mixtures found at Rio Tinto produce spectral features in reflectance that can also be found in hyperspectral data from Mars. Identifying these particular minerals on the surface of Mars helps us understand past fluvial environments, water-rock interaction, and the transportation of minerals within Valles Marineris.